Friday, March 8, 2013

Tockland and Its Beautiful Shadows

Folks, I used the word "shadow" in too many book titles. Specifically: Shadows of Tockland, Thorn and Shadow, Mary of Shadows. In my estimation, that is one too many, so there will be a change. I intend to change Thorn and Shadow to something else. Not sure what. It was never the best title anyway, because it doesn't give any sense of what the book is about. A girl using a garden to attack an army. Well, what would you call such a book?

Oh well. Anyway, I am dipping my toe into the self-publication waters. It began with Shadows of Tockland. I got tired of reading the same feedback from publishers: "Well written but we aren't sure what to do with it." It seems to me that publishers tend to prefer something that fits more comfortably into a very specific genre, so they know how to publicize the thing. That makes sense, but I like the story of the Klown Kroo so much that I must find a way to let people read it.

If the self-publishing thing goes well, I've got a few other manuscripts that might go the same route. We shall see. I am prepping the manuscripts, just in case. There might be a flood of novels from Jeffrey Miller this year. Brace yourselves.

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