Friday, March 29, 2013

A Whisper in the Void - Deep Water: Book Two

Well, the first half of the Deep Water duology is out. Bloodstone is currently appearing in various online markets such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Kobo. If you haven't checked it out, let me remind you that it's only $2.99. Folks, that's less than the Big Mac combo at McDonald's. Think of it! Also, it won't hasten the hardening of your arteries. Awesome!

Anywho, the second volume (and, therefore, the conclusion) of the duology is on its way. It is called A Whisper in the Void, and it should be available in a couple of weeks, so now is the best time to read the first book. Why is it called A Whisper in the Void, you ask? Because, ladies and gentlemen, at some point in the book, something incredibly significant is whispered in a void. That's why. What sort of a void? Well, that remains to be seen, but, really, how many different kinds of voids are there?

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