Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bloodstone - Deep Water: Book One

The next e-book is out!

It's available at Amazon and soon to be available in many more places. That means my bibliography is growing on Amazon, which is cool. Click on the picture above to head over there and check out my author page.

There is an excerpt of the first couple of chapters up at Amazon, if you want a sampling. I'll get it up at Goodreads soon, as well. Now, as to the cover image, what does it mean? Well, it is a mountain, as you can see, and some people, on first glance, assume it is a volcano. However, look carefully and note that the smoke is coming from behind the mountain. And it is not thick enough to be your typical volcanic cloud. No, this is the black smoke of something burning, something rather large, it would seem. What could it be? Well, read the book to find out.

This story has got magic, monsters, tyrants, battles, a bit o' romance perhaps, an unfolding mystery, and a pervasive and ominous tension that builds and builds. And that's my sales pitch, if you'll indulge me a little bit. Now, go read it. It's only $2.99, people!

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