Friday, November 23, 2012

My Stars and Garters

Oh, man, sometimes you're just working your little way through the rewrite, nixing a word here and there, switching an adjective or two or three along the way, murdering your adverbs, and it's all just flowing and going. And then! And then, ladies and gentlemen, you get to a part of the manuscript that is so rough, so disjointed and poorly written, that you daren't hope it will ever work. You even consider deleting whole paragraphs, whole chapters, or maybe just loading up the MMORPG that you are currently subscribed to (for the record, it's Rift) and wandering around a digital world in which the manuscript doesn't even exist.

Yes, that is what happened this evening, and it was such an important scene. Such an important scene. I wanted it to work immediately, but it didn't. Oh, how it didn't! But I refused to walk away. I stuck it out, hammered away like a little Fix-It Felix Jr., and gradually it took on some semblance of okay. It will need more work eventually, but at least I can now stand it. I am hoping the next scenes will be in better shape.

We shall see.

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