Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Time Is It? Time for Oumings.

Okay, decision made. Thorn and Shadow is done and in the hands of my first draft reader. When she finds the time, she will work her way through it and make various notes and circle the typos and such. In the meantime, I have begun work on another novel. Yes, I have decided to start something brand spanking new instead of going back to work on Mary of Starlight.

Why work on a sequel to a book that doesn't come out until August of next year? That was my thinking. Therefore and thus and such, I have started work on a fantasy novel called Oumings in the Dark, very loosely based on my short story of the same title (which, by the way, got reviewed at this website once upon a time and called "a nice little piece."). And that short story was based on a novel I attempted to write in high school called The Fifth Crystal. Yes, ladies and germs, the origin of this one goes way back.

Anywho, it is the story of a stubby race of furry critters called Oumings who are enslaved to humans in a rather dreary kingdom for some terrible thing their ancestors supposedly did. It will involved intrigue, bloody combat, assassinations in the dead of night, touching moments, betrayals and dreadful monsters that eat people (and Oumings). What more could you ask for? What more?!

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