Saturday, June 1, 2013

Images and Mechanisms

Well, progress has slowed somewhat with my latest novel, Children of the Mechanism, in the last couple of weeks as I was in the middle of relocating to a new city and involved in job hunting and such. However, I am but three chapters from the end now. I just wrote what has to be one of the most personally troubling scenes I've ever written. It was a scene drawn very much from nightmare images in my own head, and I hope it is as effective for readers as it is for me. Whenever you get the chance to read the book, and you come to "Part Nine: The Bottom of the World," you'll know what scene I'm talking about.

Bear in the mind, though this book is filled with some troubling images, it is meant to be a hopeful story. I am no fatalist. If I had to summarize the theme of the novel, I would say it is about transcending the world we are born into. And when you read it, perhaps you'll understand what I mean by that.

In other news, Shadows of Tockland, my post-apocalyptic adventure (which is also about transcending the world we are born into), was featured on the Kindle Boards Book Discovery Day for May 31, so do me a gentle favor and go check that out right here.

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