Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not-So-Famous Quotes

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment today, I present to you a series of quotes from characters in my various novels, including some quotes from unreleased novels. Which one do you deem the most intriguing?

"I don’t want a boring old world where all anyone ever does is grow up and work some awful job for no money and spend Friday evenings watching high school football games and recalling the so-called glory days until they die." -Aiden, Mary of the Aether

"I don’t want sympathy. Sympathy only makes me mad." -Kristen, Mary of Shadows

"I only want to help people. Why does it have to be so complicated?" -Mary, Mary of Starlight

"Destiny has a funny way of making things irrelevant. Superior numbers, for example.” -Cakey, Shadows of Tockland

"Sit and ponder, boy. Dream of killing kings." -Nethil, Bloodstone

"Don’t really know why I do much of anything these days. Does anyone?" -Mithlen, A Whisper in the Void

"Persistence is not a virtue. It is a defect." -Adhi, Garden of Dust and Thorns

"I was born climbing the Mechanism. Nobody ever told me why.” - Hen, Children of the Mechanism 

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