Monday, April 1, 2013

A Whispery Cover

Well, I just received the proof for the cover of A Whisper in the Void. And here it is:

Rather ominous, eh? Look at that giant, shifting shape in the water and compare its size to the surrounding trees. Whatever could it be? Something terrible, no doubt. Something absolutely monstrous. Oh, yes, people.

Dare I share the book's blurb? Well, maybe I'll share the short version of the blurb. That won't give away too much, particularly for those of you who haven't read Bloodstone. But if you haven't read Bloodstone, what in the world are you waiting for? You're here reading my blog. Why not go ahead and read the book? Click on this sentence immediately and make it happen.

Thankee. Now, here's the blurb for A Whisper in the Void:

The thrilling conclusion to the Deep Water duology. Jeren and Aleas continue their dangerous journey to the palace at Setheria, and with every step the dream grows worse. As Jeren learns to wield the magic of the bloodstone suit, he feels the corruption within his own flesh, and he worries about what he might become. The truth of the shared dream will be revealed, but will anyone survive the revelation?

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