Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mary of Forever?

Well, the rewrite of Mary of Starlight is finished, and the manuscript is on its way to the publisher. That means there is one more book to go in the saga of Mary Lanham. It will end up being a four book series that looks like this:

Mary of the Aether - where we are introduced to Mary, Lightbearers, Lookers and Devourers
Mary of Shadows - where the battle between Mary and her enemies ramps up considerably
Mary of Starlight - where we reach a world-shattering epic point in that battle
Mary of Forever - the last battle and the conclusion of the series

Yes, the tentative working title for the fourth volume is Mary of Forever. I have already written the first paragraph, only because I didn't want to lose my idea for the opening scene. I don't intend to write Mary of Forever until later this year, after I've completed work on the Shadows of Tockland sequel.

In other news, I am working to simplify my web page. Fewer menus, less confusion. Now, it's just book titles. Go there, click on the book you want to know about and live the dream. Here it be.

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