Sunday, September 9, 2012

Break Time

So I've been working dutifully on Mary of Starlight, writing about 1,000 words a day. The story stands at just over 47,000 words, but I'm thinking of taking a little break from it. It's not as if I need to hurry and finish it, after all., since the previous book, Mary of Shadows, doesn't even come out until next summer. Yep, that's right. Next summer. Oh well.

I will either work on some short stories or another novel. I think the break will give me a fresh approach to Mary's continuing saga. I know generally where the story is headed and how things will turn out, but getting there is becoming a bit of a slog. If I purge Chesset from my system for a while, I might come back with renewed energy.

A whole mess of strange short stories sounds like the way to go. Brace yourselves.

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