Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Life of a Full-Time Writer

Well, folks, for two weeks now I have been a full-time professional writer. What does that mean, exactly? It means I earn 100% of my necessary income from writing or writing-related activities. Now, what does that entail? Chiefly, it involves three things.

1) SEO Content Writing - I actually do quite a bit of SEO content writing for income. This is basically creating content for various companies' websites. It can occasionally be interesting, but it is also sometimes pure drudgery, depending on the particular article I have to write.

2) Writing Workshops - I will be a doing a bit of this over the coming weeks and months. Basically, I visit schools and do interactive writing workshops, or talk about the art of writing, or read from my novels. I have a few of these gigs lined up and more planned for next semester.

3) Selling Novels - Of course this is the part of the writing income that I want to see increase greatly. Ideally, this would be most of my income, and maybe someday it will be. Speaking of which, I will be selling and signing copies of Mary of the Aether and Mary of Shadows at the Springdale Public Library on Saturday from 2-4pm. Stop on by and hang out and meet some local authors.

So that's basically it. Those three things, when their powers combine, create a full-time writing profession. Of course, I am always open to new opportunities, so the list might grow in time. We shall see.

Currently, I am in the middle of editorial works on my next novel, Children of the Mechanism. I posted the opening paragraphs a while back, but they have all drastically changed since then. Anywho, the novel is on track for a February publication date, so mentally prepare yourselves!

In other news, there is a neat little website called Find, Read, Love. A couple of my books are already listed there, with more on the way. You should check it out.

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