Saturday, October 5, 2013

Northwest Arkansas Author Book Fair

Well, I had an interesting time at the Springdale Public Library today. It was the Second Annual Northwest Arkansas Author Book Fair. A whole bunch of local and regional authors were there from 2-4pm, selling books from a variety of genres and chatting with folks. Here was my spot.

I wound up sitting next to an author named Dusty Richards. You can see his name and his books in the picture there, but that's obviously not him sitting beside me. That is his wife, Pat.

Anyway, I spent most of those two hours talking about everything under the sun with Mr. Richards. For those who might not know him, he is a fairly accomplished, award-winning author of western novels. He told me he's written somewhere on the order of 197 novels, so it was fascinating talking to him, hearing stories about meeting people like Larry McMurtry, talking to the ghost of Zane Grey, and seeing a lynx walk across his yard out near Beaver Lake. He gave me a free signed copy of one of his books before he left. Oh, and here's his Amazon page, in case you want to peruse his many, many books.

In between stories, I sold a few books and talked to a few readers and some other fellow writers. It makes me realize I need to be more plugged into the local writing community, so I guess I'd better get out of my little box here and start attending conferences and such.


  1. It was nice to meet you yesterday Jeff! Hope you had better luck selling in the front room than we did in the back. The event has a lot of potential though and I enjoyed it.

  2. Hey there! Yes, it was good to meet you. I agree it has a lot of potential and hope it continues to grow in attendance in the future. I sold a few books, which is better than selling no books, I guess. Plus, I met some fellow writers, so all in all, I would say it was worth it.