Sunday, August 5, 2012


Mary of the Aether is out, people are reading it, and I'm starting to get feedback. The question I'm getting more than any other is whether or not there will be a sequel and when it will come out. For the record, the sequel is already written, and I have already sent it to the publisher for consideration. I am waiting to hear back from the editor to see if they offer me a contract.

The sequel is called Mary of Shadows. Without giving anything away, I can say that ultimately it is a lot more intense than Mary of the Aether. Turmoil, danger and crazy things happen. I think it is a much better book than Mary of the Aether, but maybe I'm not a good judge of my own writing. We'll see what the publisher says.

I am currently working on the next sequel, book number three in what should turn out to be a four book series. The working title is Mary of Starlight, but that is subject to change (or not). I have the series mapped out in my head already. We'll see how it works out. It is headed in an epic direction, that's all I can say. Just you wait and see, people.

And with that, let me get back to working on chapter five.

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