Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mary of Shadows

Well, it's official. I signed a contract for the sequel, Mary of Shadows. Now, mind you, things work slowly in the publishing world, so it will be quite a while before this book is actually on the shelf. There is editing to do and cover art and all of the other fun things that have to happen. But at least the formal paperwork is done.

What can I tell you about the sequel? Not much. First of all, many of you still need to read Mary of the Aether. I don't want to spoil anything there. However, I will give you the very first sentence of Mary of Shadows. Here it goes:

It was the screaming that brought the party to an end, the screaming and the blood. 

That's the opening line. Nice, eh? Stayed tuned for more info as more info becomes available.

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