Friday, December 7, 2012

The Klown Kroo - A Random Sample

Last time, I gave you a random sampling of Mary of the Aether. Well, look, I am in the business of giving free samples to people, so today I would like to give you a random sample of another novel. You see, I may be on the verge of publishing my post-apocalyptic novel, The Klown Kroo. Fingers are crossed, luck beads are ensconced in the silver cage, but I should find out soon.

Anyway, to that end, I thought I might offer you a random sampling of The Klown Kroo at this time. So here it is. It is a tale of parasitic infections, rampaging hordes, clowns, tyrants and juggling and knife fights and rubes. See, it has every good thing.

Here is your sample, folks.

          The crowd began rocking the trailer back and forth, the axles squealing as if in pain. Annabelle stumbled into the makeup table, scattering jars and pencils and rags. The cooler on the shelf tipped over, spilling half a dozen bottles onto the floor.
          “Open the door,” Telly said.
          Karl opened the door, and a sea of leering, diseased faces peered in. Bodies were pressed up against the back of the trailer in a heap. Dirty faces, stained clothing, toothless mouths. Arms reached through the open door, fingers clawing along the frame. Telly took a step back to avoid the grasping hands and began swinging away. The shillelagh thumped off arms, hands, stomachs, legs, and with each blow, the crowd’s frenzy intensified.
          “Karl, help,” Telly said.
          Karl had ducked behind the door to avoid the hands, but he stepped out into the open now and raised both fists. He had big hands, rough knuckles.
          “Come get your money’s worth, rubes,” he said, and began punching into the crowd.

And there you go, folks. Maybe someday soon this delicious tale of circus antics, enraged sick people, armies and crumbled Arkansas towns may be an e-book that you can read and sigh and swoon over.

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