Sunday, December 23, 2012

First Nibble

Well, the first publisher I queried about Thorn and Shadow has expressed interest in reading the whole manuscript. That bodes well. The actual comment was "You have caught my interest," so that's always good to hear. I will try to get the manuscript in the best possible shape this week while a bunch of crazy holiday activities are going on, so I can send it to him before I leave town for another trip next week.

My wife has been reading the manuscript, and she is making far fewer scratch marks than usual. That also bodes well. When proofreading for me, she marks typos and writes little notes in the margins when she spots trouble or plot holes or clunky prose. Thorn and Shadow appears to have far fewer of all of the above than my other manuscripts.

And there you go, people. Maybe one day you, too, will be reading about the thorn that pierced the shadow.

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