Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Torn! I can't decide what to write next. I still can't decide, people. I worked a little bit on Mary of Starlight. Then I went over and wrote about 500 words of Oumings in the Dark. Can't decide which one to focus on. On the one hand, I do want to finish the Mary saga. On the other hand, it'll be a long time before Mary of Starlight ever get published, so what's the hurry?

Here's a sample of Oumings in the Dark:

As Muz pulled back, reaching up to snag the edge of the curtain, a face materialized, like a pink monster breaking the surface of a still pond. It slipped out of the net of purple wisteria, a contorted demi-man of some kind, mouth fixed in a rictus of agony or rage, a scraggly beard on sharp cheekbones and cleft chin. His eyes were devil eyes, Muz thought, bloodshot and glistening with some ugly madness. Human faces were already strange enough to the Ouming, with their small pointy features and fat lips, but this was something else altogether, some hateful thing.
                Startled, Muz lurched backward and fell off the stool. He just managed to fling the curtain over the window before he fell, clattering to the wood floor with a thump and a cry. He lay there for a minute, afraid the terrible face might suddenly poke through the curtain and enter the house. But it wasn’t the monster face that roused him, in the end. It was the harsh voice of Master Torbin from the study.
                “What are you doing in there?” he said, his voice echoing down the long hallway. “Are you dropping my things? Did something break?”

Does that sound like something worth finishing, or should I continue with the mystical, magical Aether adventures? Someone tell me! 

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