Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mary of the Aether - A Random Sample

Haven't read Mary of the Aether yet? Well, that'll make reading the sequel a bit complicated, don't you think? Maybe the book's blurb is not compelling enough. Well, let me offer you this bit o' story from a later point in the novel to encourage you in every way, shape and form to finally check out Mary of the Aether. We're talking about an eventual four book series here, folks, so wade in.

           A gentle clanking sound roused her sometime later. She recognized it as the sound of the loop handles on the dresser drawers rattling. She opened her eyes to find that she had drifted into a light sleep, tossing and turning on the bed so that her face was now pressed against the wall and one leg dangled off onto the floor. The room appeared brighter, as if Aunt Carole had snuck in while she slept and plugged in a dozen lamps and turned them all on, but the light had a soft, shimmering quality quite unlike the unnatural glare of a bulb.
           Mary rolled over, nearly toppling off the bed in the process, catching herself by snagging the edge of the blanket. Light filled the room like smoke, but it appeared heaviest in the space above the dresser, where a glowing mass like a miniature sun blazed. Mary held up her hand to block it out, but the light shone through her hand as if she were made of clear glass.
           “What…what is it?” she gasped, sitting up.
          The mass of light convulsed, and a shape appeared in the center of it.

Well, now, isn't that random and weird enough to make you want to read the rest of it? Available as Kindle, PDF, html and paperback. All appropriate links at my website - HERE

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