Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pressing On

I passed 62,000 words in Thorn and Shadow. I just wrote a chapter of turgid emotions on the eve of a big, world-shattering battle. In other news, I did an interview on Mary of the Aether for an indie book website. Not sure when it will appear, but I'll post the link here when it does. I have another interview lined up for November with a YA book review blog. So there you go. That's the latest news.

And now, here is a random, unedited, first draft paragraph from Thorn and Shadow, picked at random:

She rounded a bend in the stream and saw a field of flowers before her ringed in stately palm trees. The water traced a course along the western edge. Coconuts littered the ground, and a small monkey was busy picking at one of them, trying to get it open. When he heard Adhi approaching, he looked up, uttered a plaintive sound and scampered up one of the trees. Pansies, petunias and blue bonnets formed chaotic swirls of deep purple and blue and yellow. Adhi was tempted to stop and rest a while, but she pressed on.

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