Saturday, October 13, 2012

Best Time of Day for Writing

What is the best time of day for writing? I used to know the answer to that question. For years, I have done most of my writing late at night. In fact, it is often the last thing I do before going to bed, sit down at the computer and hammer out 1,000 words or so. The feeling of accomplishing a personal goal even helps me to sleep.

However, I also find that the internet, with its flash games, facebook, various trivia-laden websites and those accursed MMORPGs are all pretty strong distractions in the wee hours. Maybe it's because my mind is shutting down and losing concentration, as midnight gives way to morning. Not sure. But I do find lately that I write more effectively earlier in the day. I have even managed some healthy word counts in the morning, which once would have seemed terribly unlikely.

I also find that when I hit that 1,000 word goal earlier in the day, I get to carry that sense of accomplishment with me throughout the afternoon and evening. It's a good feeling to know that you have, in some small way, fulfilled your destiny on any particular day.

At the moment, I am still working on Thorn and Shadow. As I've gotten back into work and responsibilities, my daily word count has dropped back into the normal range from my lofty Moorcockian goals. Nevertheless, I am approaching 43,000 words, and almost at the halfway point of the story. I just finished the part of the story where a bear is about to eat people, so that should be fun to write.

And on that note, I go to bed!

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