Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's Happenin' Now

Various and sundry things are taking place currently in regard to my writing, so let me just dump it all out on the table and let you look at it.

First of all, I recently did a fairly extensive interview with a website called Arkansas Authors, where they asked me compelling questions like the following:

Looking one hundred years into the future, what do you hope people remember about you or your writing?
I hope people remember me as one who created compelling, sympathetic and believable characters and placed them in memorable settings. I like to move people, to haunt their memories with beautiful, troubling or inspiring scenes.

I highly recommend that you read both parts. It'll give you a pretty good sense of who I am as a writer. Here is part one and here is part two.

In other news, I am lining up writing workshops and book readings for schools around the state. I've already got one lined up for October 15. I hope to get a bunch of them on the calendar, so I am in the process of e-mailing every school district in the state of Arkansas. And, man oh man, there are a lot of them. Anyway, if any school teachers or librarians are reading this, do know that I am available for such things at a more than reasonable price.

In the meantime, I am polishing up Mary of Cosmos, so I can send it off to the publisher. After that, I will begin a new Young Adult series set in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in the glorious year of 1991. Yep, you read that right.  It'll be beautifully strange, people. Just you wait and see.

So there you go. That's all for today, folks.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mary of Cosmos is Done

Well, let's make a little entry in the blog here to remember the day and the moment when I finished Mary of Cosmos, and thereby completed the four volume series that began with Mary of the Aether. Indeed, I just wrote the word "end" on the last page of the manuscript not three minutes ago. And when I say "end" this time, I do mean "end." It is a complete and utter end to the series that I thank wraps everything up nicely.

So there you go. Now, go read Mary of Shadows, people. When you finish it, you will be halfway through the series, and I will be proud of you. Yes, I truly will.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Latest Goings On

Well, a lot of stuff has been happening lately, so I thought I'd give a rundown for all who might be interested. Let me list them numerically for maximum ease of following along.

1) Mary of Shadows is now available as an e-book and trade paperback at Whiskey Creek Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

2) Mary of the Aether was part of a workshop this summer called So Many Book, So Little Time in which it was promoted to thousands of teachers in the region. My publisher created a special order form just for this workshop, offering the book at a special rate, and those forms have started to turn up at the publisher.

3) My publisher created 500 little postcards as a follow-up to the workshop, reminding teachers about the book and giving them information on how to order it. I am sending them out to English teachers and librarians all over the state of Arkansas.

4) I have been invited to attend the Northwest Arkansas Authors Book Fair at the Springdale Public Library on October 5th, where I will be promoting and selling my book, meeting other authors and readers and offering a copy of my book for a random drawing.

5) I have also been invited to speak at a meeting of Springdale Librarians next Wednesday to give a thirty minute talk about my books and myself.

6) Mary of Shadows is being featured this week on a blog called Tess Three in the Morning.

7)  I have a rather lengthy interview at the website appearing on Tuesday, August 20.

8) I am one chapter and an epilogue away from finishing the final volume of the series. Mary of Cosmos is full of epic, troubling, harrowing scenes, but it will wrap this whole aether saga up nicely, I believe. I'll get the first draft finished this weekend.

Alrighty, I believe that's about all for now. My novel, Children of the Mechanism, is still sitting in a publisher's office somewhere, waiting to be either accepted or rejected, so there's not much to say about that one yet. I'll let you know how it goes.