Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mary of Cosmos is Done

Well, let's make a little entry in the blog here to remember the day and the moment when I finished Mary of Cosmos, and thereby completed the four volume series that began with Mary of the Aether. Indeed, I just wrote the word "end" on the last page of the manuscript not three minutes ago. And when I say "end" this time, I do mean "end." It is a complete and utter end to the series that I thank wraps everything up nicely.

So there you go. Now, go read Mary of Shadows, people. When you finish it, you will be halfway through the series, and I will be proud of you. Yes, I truly will.


  1. Same day I finished reading my e-Reader copy of Mary of Shadows and received a paperback of the same. Loved it!

    1. Well, there you go. Good timing, Universe. I'll sign that copy next time I see you, if you bring it along.