Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's Happenin' Now

Various and sundry things are taking place currently in regard to my writing, so let me just dump it all out on the table and let you look at it.

First of all, I recently did a fairly extensive interview with a website called Arkansas Authors, where they asked me compelling questions like the following:

Looking one hundred years into the future, what do you hope people remember about you or your writing?
I hope people remember me as one who created compelling, sympathetic and believable characters and placed them in memorable settings. I like to move people, to haunt their memories with beautiful, troubling or inspiring scenes.

I highly recommend that you read both parts. It'll give you a pretty good sense of who I am as a writer. Here is part one and here is part two.

In other news, I am lining up writing workshops and book readings for schools around the state. I've already got one lined up for October 15. I hope to get a bunch of them on the calendar, so I am in the process of e-mailing every school district in the state of Arkansas. And, man oh man, there are a lot of them. Anyway, if any school teachers or librarians are reading this, do know that I am available for such things at a more than reasonable price.

In the meantime, I am polishing up Mary of Cosmos, so I can send it off to the publisher. After that, I will begin a new Young Adult series set in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in the glorious year of 1991. Yep, you read that right.  It'll be beautifully strange, people. Just you wait and see.

So there you go. That's all for today, folks.

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