Friday, January 25, 2013

Fall Asleep Faster

I've learned the secret to falling asleep faster. Normally, I am an insomniac, lots of tossing and turning, restless thoughts, and I have learned, through careful study and contemplation, that this is the result of the anxious writer-hippo that lives inside my brain. When I don't write enough words, the writer-hippo grumbles and gurgles and keeps me awake.

So the secret to falling asleep faster is to meet your daily writing goal. Set it and then hit it. The goal for me is 1,000 words, which works with my schedule. Strange hippo metaphors aside, I can't explain what's really going on, but when I don't write enough in a day, I feel like I haven't fulfilled some purpose in life, I haven't fed some appetite or watered some mental garden. That's the best way I can describe it.

Tonight, I hit about 1,300 words in Mary of Starlight, and now I can sleep. I just wanted to pound out a blog entry first. Good night, folks.

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