Saturday, August 29, 2015

Suddenly, Mechanisms!

So if I'm being entirely honest, I'm pretty terrible at self promotion. Lots of writers do a better job at getting their names out there. I see them using book promotions, blog tours, forum posts, paid ads, newsletters, press releases and all manner of interesting tools and online devices to drive sales. I've dabbled in a little bit of all of those without any real sense of whether or not they've helped.

Instead, what tends to happen to me is that all of a sudden one of my books will make a bunch of sales for no particular reason, and then it will taper off. Lately, this has been Children of the Mechanism. For some reason, it has done particular well on the Kindle Unlimited program this past month.

Not sure how to account for that. I haven't really promoted it much, except to mention the new paperback edition I just put out.

So there you go. I suppose if you want to read the book of mine that is getting the most attention lately, this is the one. Ultimately, it is one of my darkest novels, but it has a unique structure and some fairly interesting little characters. Also, lots of weird names like Bik, Hen, Ekir, Kuo, Lus, Tag, Rel.

Just watch out for the Watchers and the Refuse Hole. That's not good times right there, friends. And be sure to feed the Grong while you're at it.

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