Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Who Doesn't Like Free Chapters?

Okay, what are the latest goings-on in the writerly world of Jeffrey Aaron Miller? Well, dagnab, that's a good question. Let me see if I can scrounge up some information.

Ah, he does have a couple of novels coming out in February. Would you like to know about them? Sure you would.

Children of the Mechanism
This is a rather dark science fiction story coming in February from Malachite Quills Publishing. I say "dark" only to give fair warning to those who have read Mary of the Aether and will be surprised at the difference in tone. However, those who have read Shadows of Tockland will understand (and if you haven't read Shadows of Tockland, go do it, people. Seriously).

Anyway, back to Children of the Mechanism. To quote the blurb: In the dark depths of a massive factory, slaves live and work under the gaze of cruel robots called Watchers. Their lives are short and harsh and meaningless. Until the day a door opens where no door should be, and some of the slaves escape into the corridors. Gradually the true nature of the factory is revealed, a truth that might change everything and throw open every door. 

It's based on a short story I wrote way back in 1994, which I turned in as a creative writing assignment. I distinctly recall that it troubled my creative writing professor, who was a youngish, bright-eyed teaching assistant. Anywho, I have posted the first chapter on my website, if anyone is curious. Check it out HERE!

Mary of Starlight

Mary of Starlight is the third volume of my four book Young Adult series that began with Mary of the Aether and continued with Mary of Shadows. The release date is earlier than I previously thought. I have been telling people April, but actually it looks like it will come out on February 1.

If you haven't read the previous books, I don't want to say too much. You should go and read those books immediately, please! Thanks :)

I will say that each volume of the series is exponentially more epic than the one before it, as Mary's powers grow, the danger grows, and all things converge into a massive showdown that will obliterate the universe! Or something along those lines. Look, I'm trying to be vague here. If you haven't read the previous books, don't bother reading the blurb for this one. It's got all kinds of spoilerish information. However, if you have read them, press on.

Here is the blurb for book three: Mary Lanham is on the run, desperate to stay one step ahead of the terrible Devourers who pursue her by the dark of night. She flees through lonely places, following country roads, passing through tiny towns and trying to stay out of the public eye. Meanwhile, back in Chesset, her friends find themselves under attack by Lookers who want to use them as bait to draw Mary home. A trap is sprung, and the whole world watches as universes collide in an explosive showdown that will change everything.

I have a sampling of chapter one (but not the entire chapter) if you want to check it out. That link is right HERE!

The fourth and final volume of the series is called Mary of Cosmos, and it should come out sometime toward the end of next year. It concludes the whole story nicely, I believe, but I'll let you be the judge of that, Dear Reader.

Other News

In other news, here is a recent interview I did with Arkansas Book Reviewer, if you haven't read it. It was connected to a giveaway, which is now over, but the interview itself might still be worth a few seconds' perusal.

As for current writings, I am working on another YA novel at the moment called The Figment Tree. I don't want to say too much about it, except that it is set in a trailer park in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in the summer of 1991, and it involves some really weird magic and strange situations and interesting characters.

Here is just the opening sentence to give you a taste of what I mean: It was the first day of summer in the glorious year of 1991 when Nuffy Noe climbed over the fence into the dog-infested forest and saw the lights.

There you go. Live the dream, people. Now, do me a huge favor and go read something I've written! I will be ever so grateful!  :D

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