Saturday, December 7, 2013

Let's Play A Strange Game

Okay, I've played the quote game a few times where I post one quote from a character from each of my novels. I've also played the game where I posted the opening paragraphs for each of my novels.

Well, now it's time to play a stranger game. In honor of December the 8th, I am going to post the eighth sentence on the twelfth page of each of my novels sans context! If it's a bit of dialogue, I might include the whole quote, instead of just one sentence, but that's it.

Sound random enough for you? In the comments, let me know which of the following sentences sounds the most intriguing.

Mary of the Aether:

“Crazy people in the woods,” he said. “Is that what you asked me about? Crazy people in the woods?”

Mary of Shadows:

“Let’s all have another slice of cake, shall we?” Kristen said. “Just carve around the spatters of blood and feathers.”

Mary of Starlight

She walked around to the back of the building, past a boy sipping a soda—he smiled at her, and she thought there was something mocking in the smile—and found the dented and graffitied bathroom doors near the dumpster.

Mary of Cosmos:

There were figures moving on either side of her, gliding down a beam of light as they dropped into the valley. 

Children of the Mechanism:

Bik smoothed out the mat, a small rectangle of spongy material just barely large enough for him to lie on. 

Shadows of Tockland:

“The audience,” Telly said. "The people. We call ‘em rubes.”

Bloodstone, Deep Water: Book One:

It curled around the ravine wall like fingers, then gushed out onto the road in a great dusky cloud.

A Whisper in the Void, Deep Water: Book Two:

“No, it’s not your fault,” she said. “You didn’t know what sort of man he was. But I did. I did, Jeren, and I tried to tell you.”

Garden of Dust and Thorns:

Here the people of Haven gathered up pears and apples, figs and dates and bananas, oranges and lemons and pomegranates, all that they could ever need and more.

And there you go. The eighth sentence from the twelfth page of each of my novels. Fascinating, I'm sure...

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Thankee, folks.

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