Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oh, I Wish You Could Read It

Holy crap! Sometimes you enjoy writing a chapter or a scene so much that you just come away from it giddy. Sometimes you craft a scene so intense, you just wish you could immediately post it online for everyone to read. Now, honestly, maybe the scene I just wrote is not really that good. Maybe when I come back to do the initial rewrite, I will groan with disappointment, but I tell's ya, right now I'm positively quaking with glee. It was epic, heart-wrenching and intense (emotionally and otherwise). No, it wasn't the death of a major character. Although, even if it was, I would tell you it wasn't. Maybe it was just stuff getting blowed up real good. I daren't say one way or the other.

Unfortunately, it will be at least a year until Mary of Starlight sees print, but when it does, just you remember this one thing--I really, really enjoyed writing chapter 17. Now, the good news is there are a few scenes like that in Mary of Shadows, and it comes out in a mere six months, so there you go.

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