Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mary of Cosmos Is on the Way

Well, it's super late (or super early, depending on your point of view), and I just submitted my latest novel, Mary of Cosmos, to my publisher. It's the fourth and final volume of my Young Adult urban fantasy series. Once complete, the series will look like this:

1) Mary of the Aether
2) Mary of Shadows
3) Mary of Starlight
3) Mary of Cosmos

Only the first two volumes are out. Mary of Starlight comes out in April of next year. Consequently, there is not much I can say about Mary of Cosmos right now without spoiling one million plot points.

I will say, however, that I believe the concluding volume wraps things up a nice, epic, intense way. There a whole lot of crazy stuff going on from beginning to end, including but not limited to explosions, destruction, angry conversations, turgid emotions, dangerous scenarios and outright pain and agony.

So there you go. Look for it sometime toward the end of next year, depending on when I get a contract offer.

Now I get to finish the editorial work on Children of the Mechanism, which is science fiction rather than urban fantasy. No magic in this one. Just cruel robots and mysterious corridors. But it does include most of the things I listed above for Mary of Cosmos.

Okay, I'm loopy. Time to sleep.

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