Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Latest Developments

Okay, I haven't updated the blog in a while, so here I am, people. Mostly, I've just been busy. Working during the day at a rather mundane "doing it for the paycheck" type of job and writing like crazy at night. My nightly goal is 2,000 words. The Mary Lanham saga is drawing to a close. In fact, I'm a little over halfway done with Mary of Cosmos, somewhere around 54,000 words.

In other news, a couple of updates on the first volume of the series, Mary of the Aether. Some editorial changes were made a couple weeks ago by my kindly editor to fix a few blatant and strange typos. The strangest of them was the one time in chapter three when Constable Mohler is referred to as Constable Rogers. How did it happen? Well, Constable Rogers was his first name. I changed it later to Mohler, but somehow the old name slipped through the otherwise intensive editorial process. I chalk this up to me being a newb at the time. Anyway, the new Constable Rogers-free Mary of the Aether is now available. If you've got one of the old versions, I guess you've got a collector's item.

In other news, my publisher and I are putting together a bunch of note cards to send out to schools in Arkansas. Mary of the Aether is being presented all over the region this summer as part of a workshop for teachers called "So Many Books, So Little Time," so we want to follow it up with a reminder. Maybe the book will catch a little more heat. That would be nice. Somehow, someday, I'd like to make a living at this writing business. We shall see!

Two more weeks until Mary of Shadows is available, by the way! Two more weeks.

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